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A new campaign is addressed to these of PRESS GLASS employees who spend their free time running or who are still planning to start their adventure with this form of activity. For each runner, the Company will transfer a particular sum to charity.

An idea of the „PRESS GLASS – Run and Support” campaign has developed from our intention to combine active lifestyle and charity support. The Company either covers the employees’ participation fees or adds them to the sum transferred for charity. In this case, the participants pay the fees themselves.

Total sum of money transferred by PRESS GLASS for charity will depend on the number of people who finish a particular run and on their results (extra bonus for the best times). Each employee of PRESS GLASS can join the campaign – both people who have already started in competitions or run for pleasure and those who only want to start their running adventure.

More information on the campaign is available at Facebook profile.


6 December 2016 r. – Summary of individual competitions in October/November 2016 for “Run and Support” action

17 November 2016 – Charity run in Tczew for children from suburbs

24 October 2016 – Summary od individual competitions in August/September 2016 for the “Run and support” action 

23 October 2016 r. – In Słowik we run for Franek

12 October 2016 r. – Run and support: At the 25th Marathon of Zagreb – „Zagreb Calling” we ran for Ivan Capek

7 October 2016 – COMPANY PRESS GLASS d.o.o. has helped Association for Autism “POGLED” from Nedelišće with a donation – As part of the 22nd Varazdin half-marathon the “PRESS GLASS – Run and support” campaign was held –

16 September 2016 – Run and support – In Tychy we ran for Milosz

29 June 2016 – Run and support – this year’s run in Radomsko is behind us

27 May 2016 – Run and support even more often

15 April 2016 – Run and support – a successful start of the new season

30 March 2016 – Run and support – start of a new season 

14 December 2015 – Christmas thanks to the participants in the action in Tczew

13 November 2015 – Run and support – a summary of the start in November

15 October 2015 – The next run is in November

24 September 2015 – Run and support – another stage behind us

14 August 2015 – Run and support – another start in September

20 July 2015 – Support to handicapped children

1 July 2015 – Run and support – another step in the action is behind us

11 June 2015 – Run and support in another city

20 April 2015 – A successful start of the action Run and support

9 April 2015 – Start of the action Run and support in
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