Low emission glass

Thermal comfort in winter, thanks to perfect thermal insulation

Thermal protection is the basic task of glazing units designed for windows. Thanks to our partnership with suppliers, resulting in development of new glass coats, PRESS GLASS is able to offer glass panes with even lower heat transfer coefficient Ug= 0,4 W/m2K. This value is close to the value of heat transfer coefficient of walls. Cold feet near the window are in the past.

Thermal comfort in summer, thanks to perfect heat protection

In summer the sun emits much large quantities of thermal energy, as compared with winter. Overheating is observed, mostly due to heat transfer through window panes. The grade of summer overheating protection is expressed in coefficient g. Its lower value defines better efficacy of the protection against overheating.
Our offer of heat-insulating glass panes includes also such structures that reduce the overheating effect with coefficient g=37%. Today the technology so far reserved for facades can be also be used in all houses. Now everybody can improve their thermal comfort while reducing the operating costs of mechanical air conditioning system installed. It is worth to remember that costs of cooling the premises are higher than costs of heating.

Solar heat gains in wintertime

All the people who want to save on heating in winter thanks to solar heat gains from the sunlight coming through window panes and are not concerned with overheating in summer, can now purchase heat insulating window panes with increased coefficient g=73%.


One chamber heat insulating glazing unit comprises two glass panes, including one Thermofloat glass pane with invisible layer of inert metals combination (so-called “low emission layer”). Two chamber heat insulating glazing units comprise two Thermofloat glass panes. The space between glass panes is filled with argon or krypton gas, which further reduces heat transfer coefficient Ug. Protection against gas leak at the glass pane perimeter is ensured by warm distance frame with two-step sealing of plastic.

Parameters of glass panes offered:

Ug EN 673 [W/m2K] g [%] Lt [%]
0,4 – 1,3 37-73 55-82

Long life with tightness certificate acc. to EN 1279

The basic criterion considered when assessing glazing units should be tightness, preventing ingress of moisture and gas leaks. The distance frame on glass panel perimeter should be bent, in order to ensure such tightness parameters acc. to standard EN 1279 in force.
Cutting and joining of frames reduces glass pane tightness and accelerates degradation of heat insulating properties. Glazing units with frames cut in corners can fail to meet the tightness requirement acc. to EN 1279.

Perfect heat insulation of glass pane edge

We recommend using warm distance frame bent in corners, acc. to EN ISO 10077, with heat insulating glass panes. Application of a warm frame improves heat insulating properties on edges, resulting in increase in glass pane temperature in that area and reduction in temporary condensation of vapour.

Glass pane with aluminium frame

Glass pane with aluminium frame

Glass pane with warm frame.

Glass pane with warm frame.

Green production process

ISO14001All stages of our production process have been inspected for effect to the environment. EnvironmentOur production involves the use of most environmentally friendly materials and processes, in line with requirements of international standard ISO 14001, implemented in all our plants.
Accompanied by quality management system ISO 9001, it ensures continuous improvement of adopted measures preventing contamination. We are therefore able to offer a better product and help creating human-friendly environment.

Summary of advantages

    • even higher financial benefits, complete elimination of cold near window, reduction in emissions of harmful gases to environment throughout the lifecycle thanks to heat transfer coefficient 0,4 W/m2K;
    • excellent reduction of overheating in summertime or solar heat gains in wintertime thanks to overall heat transfer coefficient in the range 37 to 83%;
    • excellent tightness, thanks to adopted process of bending the frame at corners;
    • reduced sweating effect on the edge of teh internal glass pane, by adopting warm distance frame;
    • environment protection thanks to ISO 14001 system.

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