Glazed units

In modern construction there is a variety of challenges facing transparent wall partitions.
Thanks to modern solutions double glazed glass can protect against the loss of heat, prevent over-heating, protect against noise and constitute a temporary form
of protection against burglary.

PRESS GLASS offers glass units with the following attributes:

A glazing glass unit consists of at least two panes of glass, separated by a spacer bar filled with a molecular sieve, and insulated with sealant mass which ensures hermetic properties.
On the inside of the glass unit one can assemble decorative internal window dividers in RAL colours or with a wooden scaleboard.


1 float glass
2 low emission layer
3 cavity between panes
4 internal insulation with sealant – Butyl
5 spacer bar
6 moisture inhibitor – molecular sieve
7 external sealant – Tiokol or silicon



Automatic line for assembling of glass panes Line for cutting of glass Automatic head for cuting of glass





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